mimi holvast
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orange fluffy bag / teal printed raincoat / navy raised neck top. (soon i will only wear things i make / things made ethically)

i printed and pattern made and sewed things
glitter and turtlenecks aka the best things in life
Don’t forget i’m (mostly) always good for a glitter raincoat commission. This is one here is for Anita! Holla if you want one! designed, patternmade & sewn by me!
today at TAFE i played in the UV room and set up two screens ready for printing next week!
Things to do on a friday night pre-party: whip up a top from the fabric from the previous printing day. i made this entire thing myself, including the blocks that the pattern came from!
Jen Booth in the mimfox glitter raincoat checking out Barbara Kitallides at The Design Filed Collect! Photo credit: Nat Turnbull
i introduce the new & improved mimfox bucket hat! limited edition in ‘in the flowers print’ via a special request
you can buy this from http://mimfox.bigcartel.com/
here is a preview of what is to come this summer from mimfox! reversable bucket hats, cropped singlet bodice, bike shorts & PVC glitter pouches. All designed, patternmade & sewn by me!
here we have my mimfox tafe major work for the year! faux jumpsuit- bodice with neckband and a low back and cropped pants with inseam pockets.